Craft Beer Week Comes to Denver

There are scores of events during Craft Beer Week, so use the available guide to help find the best events.

May 16th through 22nd is Craft Beer Week in Denver, an official celebration of microbreweries and otherwise craft beers, ales, lagers, and more, in production in the USA!    With that in mind, there are a diverse variety of events in concordance with Craft Beer Week, as the “Napa Valley of Beer” celebrates with some of our most award-winning breweries.

While the adage “so much [beer], so little time” rings true for Craft Beer Week, there are some tools to help you deduce the best possible events and such to attend.  Consider referencing Metromix’s  Denver events during American Craft Beer Week 2011 Guide and their Colorado Brewery Guide, or the Huffington Post’s “American Craft Beer Week: Round Up Of Best Events In Denver.” offers an unfiltered list of events for Craft Beer Week.

With all the events going on during Craft Beer Week in Denver, there’s bound to be something for everyone to enjoy.

Photo courtesy of alvimann.

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